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The CCI Forum welcomes unsolicited proposals of interviews, essays, and articles on topics related to contemporary art and intellectual histories of the Caribbean and its diasporas. Proposals should include a 200-word abstract, a 75-word bio, and a maximum of three images, if relevant.


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“The body will always be the territory in dispute”: A Conversation between Iberia Pérez González and nibia pastrana santiago

Puerto Rico-based dancer and performance artist nibia pastrana santiago develops site-specific “choreographic events” to experiment with time, fiction, and notions of territory. In this conversation, nibia speaks about idleness, exhaustion, corporal vandalism, and the tensions between bodies and space in times of global pandemic.

Not Losing Track: A Conversation between María Elena Ortiz and Phillip Thomas

Phillip Thomas is an artist living in Jamaica. His striking paintings depict Black imagery that reflect the discourses on social justice that affects Black communities in the Caribbean and across the world. Drawing from the complex history of race in Jamaica, and referencing classical motifs in Western painting, Thomas creates surreal or dreamlike images in which Black bodies are depicted with honor and beauty.